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Imagine lying on your deathbed looking back over your life—does the regret of never speaking your true voice and getting your gifts out into the world before dying terrify you?

When the loneliness, confusion, depression, judgment, fear, or uncertainty inevitably creeps in—are you isolated, lost, and alone or warmly supported by people that truly get you?

When you’ve spent thousands on books, courses, retreats, and healers… and you’re still not where you want to be—how long will you continue an endless search based on a secret lie?

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Alexa Flash Briefing
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  • Today is about speed over perfection. When I was a software developer and designer, one of the concepts was agile development. Agile Development was essentially a paradigm shift between the old clunky software that was released on cds and more modern web based software.
  • Today I want to talk about unfiltered marketing. The common marketing space is going to tell you to only show the world the good stuff because if you're broken or flawed or ugly or sad or depressed or failing or struggling or suffering, who wants to see that?
  • Today I want to talk about how culture is backwards. If we look out into the modern Western world, we see a rapidly increasing majority of people who are suffering, people who are sick, people with chronic disease, obesity, unfulfillment, unsatisfaction, people that hate their jobs, people that live for the weekend...