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Imagine lying on your deathbed look­ing back over your life—does the regret of never speak­ing your true voice and getting your gifts out into the world before dying terrify you?

When the lone­li­ness, confu­sion, depres­sion, judg­ment, fear, or uncer­tainty inevitably creeps in—are you isolated, lost, and alone or warmly supported by people that truly get you?

When you’ve spent thou­sands on books, courses, retreats, and heal­ers… and you’re still not where you want to be—how long will you continue an endless search based on a secret lie?

Short, supple­men­tary daily audio brief­ings to develop greater self-awareness in entre­pre­neur­ship (think micro-podcast)

  • Today is about speed over perfec­tion. When I was a soft­ware devel­oper and designer, one of the concepts was agile devel­op­ment. Agile Development was essen­tially a para­digm shift between…
  • Today I want to talk about unfil­tered market­ing. The common market­ing space is going to tell you to only show the world the good stuff because if you’re broken…
  • Today I want to talk about how culture is back­wards. If we look out into the modern Western world, we see a rapidly increas­ing major­ity of people who are…