Today I want to talk about troubled intuition. When a lot of people think about intuition, they think one of two things, one, that it’s highly illogical, irrational, unreliable, and made up or to that it’s the most dependable source you should always listen to and trust no matter what. One of the challenges with relying on intuition, making business decisions is that most people aren’t actually listening to real intuition. They are listening to a voice inside their head that is based on a story that is parsed through their own filters and distortions and internal noise. There is a real intuition that’s trying to come through, but because of trauma but and decades of psychological and emotional gunk, it is unable to come through in a reliable and dependable way. One of the secrets about using intuition is that it’s not a mental process. If your trying to figure out something in your head, if it’s some wild thought you have, it’s not your intuition.

Intuition arises from feeling and when we are not in touch with feeling, when we can’t feel our bodies, when we can’t feel ourselves, and we’re able to make distinctions about what these feelings mean and what they are, then we can get into some trouble. It oftentimes takes years to cultivate a reliable, trustworthy intuition. Sometimes people are in touch with it right off the bat, and if you find yourself with an intuition like that where when you listen to it and you can feel it and it consistently provides you with the right answers, absolutely listen to it. If you are someone who just acts on whims and disregards data, that’s just as dangerous to ignore intuition than it is to ignore the data and facts that are right in front of you. The idea is to merge both. To take the masculine, logical, linear process of looking at practical data and merging it with the creative intuitive, mystical elements to create something that neither side can do alone, and from that process you will be able to move through a muddied troubled intuition into something reliable and extremely powerful.

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