Today I want to talk about the importance of speaking up. When we see something and we don’t say something, we are holding that person back. When we see something that can be improved, when we see something that is delightful, when we see something that is wonderful and cherishable or when we see something that is abhorrent and dangerous, it’s essential that we speak up without feedback from the environment. We can’t course correct. We can’t change. We can’t calibrate how we’re showing up in the world and what to do about it to change or to do more of. If we’re doing something and it’s having a beautiful effect on those around us. If it is lighting others up and bringing them joy and creating a lot of goodwill and nobody tells us and we aren’t used to hearing that what we’re doing has such a positive impact on the world.

We might not know. We might’ve grown up in a place where those gifts were shunned or they just weren’t. Seeing. The people around us might just not have been able to see those gifts and so without telling others that they’re creative, that they’re talented, whatever the case may be, they might not get the feedback that they should keep doing what they’re doing, that it’s working. Likewise, if what we’re doing doesn’t work, and we grew up in a culture that thought it worked and that’s what we were taught to do and we don’t get told otherwise. We have no idea. I’ve spent so much of my life doing things that I thought were good, that were useful, that were things. That’s how you should do it because that’s all I knew and then when someone pointed out in and told me, hey, you know what? That really doesn’t work.

It works for the result it gets, but do you really want that result? I don’t. I don’t think you do. And so this feedback helps me course correct and adjust when you see someone in your life, in your business and employee, a partner, a client, and when it’s appropriate, Tulum, what isn’t working and how they’re showing up in the world and when it’s appropriate. Tell them what is working and what is bringing joy. The important thing here is to ensure you’re doing it without an agenda, that you’re just reporting the details, that you’re not attacking, that you’re not looking for validation, that you’re not rescuing them, that you’re not trying to take them out, that you’re simply reporting what you see, that they’re doing something wonderful or they’re doing something dangerous or an effectual, whatever it is. If you see something, speak up. If something’s going on and people need to address it, say something because the longer you wait, the longer things build and it ends up getting worse and worse and worse down the road.

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