Today I want to talk about the impor­tance of speak­ing up. When we see some­thing and we don’t say some­thing, we are hold­ing that person back. When we see some­thing that can be improved, when we see some­thing that is delight­ful, when we see some­thing that is wonder­ful and cher­ish­able or when we see some­thing that is abhor­rent and danger­ous, it’s essen­tial that we speak up with­out feed­back from the envi­ron­ment. We can’t course correct. We can’t change. We can’t cali­brate how we’re show­ing up in the world and what to do about it to change or to do more of. If we’re doing some­thing and it’s having a beau­ti­ful effect on those around us. If it is light­ing others up and bring­ing them joy and creat­ing a lot of good­will and nobody tells us and we aren’t used to hear­ing that what we’re doing has such a posi­tive impact on the world.

We might not know. We might’ve grown up in a place where those gifts were shunned or they just weren’t. Seeing. The people around us might just not have been able to see those gifts and so with­out telling others that they’re creative, that they’re talented, what­ever the case may be, they might not get the feed­back that they should keep doing what they’re doing, that it’s work­ing. Likewise, if what we’re doing does­n’t work, and we grew up in a culture that thought it worked and that’s what we were taught to do and we don’t get told other­wise. We have no idea. I’ve spent so much of my life doing things that I thought were good, that were useful, that were things. That’s how you should do it because that’s all I knew and then when some­one pointed out in and told me, hey, you know what? That really does­n’t work.

It works for the result it gets, but do you really want that result? I don’t. I don’t think you do. And so this feed­back helps me course correct and adjust when you see some­one in your life, in your busi­ness and employee, a part­ner, a client, and when it’s appro­pri­ate, Tulum, what isn’t work­ing and how they’re show­ing up in the world and when it’s appro­pri­ate. Tell them what is work­ing and what is bring­ing joy. The impor­tant thing here is to ensure you’re doing it with­out an agenda, that you’re just report­ing the details, that you’re not attack­ing, that you’re not look­ing for vali­da­tion, that you’re not rescu­ing them, that you’re not trying to take them out, that you’re simply report­ing what you see, that they’re doing some­thing wonder­ful or they’re doing some­thing danger­ous or an effec­tual, what­ever it is. If you see some­thing, speak up. If some­thing’s going on and people need to address it, say some­thing because the longer you wait, the longer things build and it ends up getting worse and worse and worse down the road.