Today I want to talk about permission to ask when we are growing up, we have been indoctrinated with the idea of asking permission to ask permission. We must raise our hand in class to ask if we’re allowed to use the restroom. We are told at work that we must ask and stay in line and get permission first before we do whatever it is we want. It has to get approved by, you know, about 10 people and a bureaucratic line. The issue comes in the indoctrination of having to ask permission to ask for what we want and we ended up applying that to everything in life. We as kids don’t make the distinction of asking our parents permission to do pretty much everything and then asking our teachers permission to pretty much do anything at school that those are contextual. We start to apply that to everything we want in our life.

So as we grow up, as we start having our own desires, as we become our own agents of independence, we are still under that trained mindset. We are still waiting for permission to ask for what we want. When we start having our own business, a lot of people struggle being an entrepreneur because they just don’t have the training. They don’t have the mindset that creates a space in which they can just do whatever they want. It is so free. It is so liberating that they are so used to being told what to do. They have no idea how to function. It’s important to begin to look at how you are waiting for permission to ask for what you want. What are the patterns in your own life that have caused you to wait until somebody else has bestowed upon you? Do you gracious permission to ask to have the life that you want?

Start paying attention to the thoughts in your head that say, Oh, I’m not allowed to do that. Oh, who am I to do that? Or I need to wait until so-and-so gives me the go. I need to wait until the system or the Mentor bestows upon me the grace that I need in order to start living the life I want to live. Oh, I need the certificate that says I’m have permission to do what I want to do. Remember, not all of these are necessary a bad things. However, when you’re an entrepreneur and when you’re an artist and when you are an adult that just wants to live life how they want to live it, these programs, systems of operating, these neuropathways need to be looked at and quite often they need to be replaced with not just giving ourself permission. It goes beyond that. It is about getting rid of the need for permission altogether in order to ask for what we want. You don’t need permission from anybody nor yourself in order to ask for what you want. You’re just asking. You don’t need any permission to ask.

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