Today I want to talk about being open to outcomes is important, to have a vision for yourself and your business is important to have a picture in your mind and written out, and this allows you to move forward in a specific direction. This allows you to set out on a journey on a quest towards manifesting that vision. However, if we are attached to this, if we are attached to the outcome of what this has to look like, we may be in some trouble because the life that you have planned for yourself may not be the plan that life has for you. This isn’t some external tyrannical force imposing its will upon you. This is the manifestation of consciousness that you’re connected to that is a part of you at your deepest level and if you’re operating from a superficial ego place, then you may not be able to see that that is the same.

We’ll deep inside of yourself. So when we are open to outcomes, we are open to the possibility is that our vision, our image of how we want everything to play out is open to change and explicitly always the outcomes that are different than we have in our mind are going to be for the better. There’s never an outcome that happens that is going to be worse for you than what you had imagined and it may seem that way sometimes when you have a fantasy in your head about what your vision is and then awful terrible stuff happens. How many times have you heard people that have faced faced death or have experienced a life threatening disease and have overcame it and said, I was given a second chance. The second chance wasn’t that they got to live from the disease. The second chance was the wake up call.

The disease gave them that that situation provided for them to reevaluate their entire life. Being open to outcome is about having a vision and moving towards it and not being attached to what that has to look like. Not being attached to what your ego desires and being open to a bigger picture because we can’t see the bigger picture and oftentimes our vision is limited to this small picture of what we think we should have for ourselves. It is not always connected to a bigger picture, so if you are attached to the outcome, you’re going to face a lot of struggle. You’re going to have a lot of pain because you’re going to be attached to things happening and they don’t happen that way. Rather than understanding and being open to the fact that when things happen different, then you want them to. There is a bigger picture that there is a larger purpose happening because of that and it makes your life a lot easier.

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