Today I want to talk a bout avoidance secret. One of the things that I’ve discovered in my own life and I see a lot of my students have trouble with is avoiding doing the thing that will actually get them the result. I see this happen in my own life quite frequently. The things that I’m avoiding, either feeling or the things that I’m avoiding doing are often the things that are going to get me exactly what I want and this happens in business. This happens in my own personal life. This happens in my body. I hear a lot of other teachers talk about how the day will do all of the other things except the thing that they need to be doing in order to make money. How if someone’s teaching them how to set up a business, the person’s going to work on all the business cards and the logos and the designs and all these tech and all these.

You know, getting an office and buying fancy furniture and all these things that don’t make them any money. They spend all of this time and resources in the beginning that they don’t have a lot of, and they are completely avoiding actually making the sales calls, actually creating the content, actually going out, actually having the conversations. The secret of avoidance is that it is a platform for denial. We are denying the truth. The truth is that what we’re avoiding is what we need to feel is what we need to be doing. We will just keep doing these things until we go into business. We grow broke and, uh, we just keep suffering until we stop and I see myself doing this. You know, we all do it until we stop. Today, I want you to look at the busy work you’re doing, the entertainment, the noise that you’re creating in your life, and see what that’s a reaction to see what your actually avoiding doing by doing those things. And you’ll uncover a secret to ending some of your suffering and struggles in life and business.

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