Today I want to talk a bout avoid­ance secret. One of the things that I’ve discov­ered in my own life and I see a lot of my students have trou­ble with is avoid­ing doing the thing that will actu­ally get them the result. I see this happen in my own life quite frequently. The things that I’m avoid­ing, either feel­ing or the things that I’m avoid­ing doing are often the things that are going to get me exactly what I want and this happens in busi­ness. This happens in my own personal life. This happens in my body. I hear a lot of other teach­ers talk about how the day will do all of the other things except the thing that they need to be doing in order to make money. How if some­one’s teach­ing them how to set up a busi­ness, the person’s going to work on all the busi­ness cards and the logos and the designs and all these tech and all these.

You know, getting an office and buying fancy furni­ture and all these things that don’t make them any money. They spend all of this time and resources in the begin­ning that they don’t have a lot of, and they are completely avoid­ing actu­ally making the sales calls, actu­ally creat­ing the content, actu­ally going out, actu­ally having the conver­sa­tions. The secret of avoid­ance is that it is a plat­form for denial. We are deny­ing the truth. The truth is that what we’re avoid­ing is what we need to feel is what we need to be doing. We will just keep doing these things until we go into busi­ness. We grow broke and, uh, we just keep suffer­ing until we stop and I see myself doing this. You know, we all do it until we stop. Today, I want you to look at the busy work you’re doing, the enter­tain­ment, the noise that you’re creat­ing in your life, and see what that’s a reac­tion to see what your actu­ally avoid­ing doing by doing those things. And you’ll uncover a secret to ending some of your suffer­ing and strug­gles in life and busi­ness.