Today I want to talk about fearless curiosity. One of the things that I see people do that gets in the way of pretty much their everyday life is throwing their hands up when they don’t understand something, they simply kind of just give up. I see this happen a lot with people who aren’t good with technology. If they can’t figure it out in the first like point one second, they just throw their hand up and just quit this approach to not just technology but every problem or new experience in life. If we are approaching new experience, if we are approaching the unknown with this attitude where if it just doesn’t make sense to us in the first nanosecond, then we just give up. We’re going to let everything stop us. As a kid growing up I was fascinated with how things worked and so I had this curiosity just about everything from nature to technology and when I got into computers as a teenager, I would tear them apart.

I would look inside, I would break things. I would build things. I would try things just to see what would happen. This moved forward when I got into web design, I would look at people’s websites, we’ll look at the source code, go underneath the hood and see how these websites work and learn from it. I would click everything. I would just see what everything did right away and get a lay of the land. So many people go in and just throw their hands up. They’re like, I don’t know what this icon means, so I’m going to never touch it. For most things, like on computers, a lot of things are reversible. A lot of things can be fixed with money too. You break something, you spend a few bucks and you get a new one. The approach that I’ve just naturally cultivated by just being me is a fearless curiosity.

I will just go in and try everything and I’ve spent a few years with a mentor who was very similar and there was this even deeper level of permission where we would just go, all right, let’s see what happens. You know, literally like building a computer or just doing anything and it’d be like, all right, we have no idea what’s going to happen. Click the button, let’s find out. It was this curiosity and a willingness to make mistakes and a sense of abundance that allowed us to move forward very quickly because the more willing you are to make mistakes, the faster you can figure things out, the faster you can solve a problem. The faster you can iterate, the faster you can develop better and better solutions. So if you find yourself paralyzed by fear of not wanting to make a mistake, of not wanting to break something, whatever it is, try to cultivate this fearless curiosity. Obviously be smart about it, but if you notice yourself giving up really quickly on on things that are easily fixable or reversible, like on software or websites, give yourself the breath. Give yourself the space to just see what happens. You just play around. Think of life as a sandbox.

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