Today I want to talk about scale amplification. When you are running your business, say at $5,000 a month, you’re at, let’s say one x scale, and this is say your baseline. This is how you start your business. This is kind of your own life. This is just where you’re starting off. This is your everyday, everyday sort of place. When you scale, let’s say to $50,000 that doesn’t just get rid of any issues you had when you were at one x. When you 10 x, it amplifies everything. So if at one x you have certain levels of self sabotage, if you have feelings of doubt or remorse or in congruence or manipulation, when those stakes are raised, when the responsibilities are raised, when there’s more energy flowing into that business, those don’t just go away because you’re at a larger scale. They get amplified. Thing about this.

If your current level at one x, you self sabotage when something happens is a certain situation in your life and that’s kind of a subconscious trigger for you to self sabotage. Take yourself out and you end up losing money at one x y. You might lose a thousand dollars a from gambling it 10 x, you might lose 10,000 at 100 x, you might lose $100,000, 500,000 or a million. That pattern is still there. That shadow aspect, that story and strategy of dealing with stress is exactly the same. You’re not going to get less stress as you scale. It will be a different kind of stress. It’s important to understand this before you start scaling so you can begin to address some of these patterns and strategies of operating internally before you scale. This isn’t something talked a lot about. People are just like, hey, just make more money. No one really says, well, that’s going to amplify view. That’s going to amplify whatever exists. The scale doesn’t just give you more room. The scale also amplifies what is.

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