Today I want to talk about scale ampli­fi­ca­tion. When you are running your busi­ness, say at $5,000 a month, you’re at, let’s say one x scale, and this is say your base­line. This is how you start your busi­ness. This is kind of your own life. This is just where you’re start­ing off. This is your every­day, every­day sort of place. When you scale, let’s say to $50,000 that does­n’t just get rid of any issues you had when you were at one x. When you 10 x, it ampli­fies every­thing. So if at one x you have certain levels of self sabo­tage, if you have feel­ings of doubt or remorse or in congru­ence or manip­u­la­tion, when those stakes are raised, when the respon­si­bil­i­ties are raised, when there’s more energy flow­ing into that busi­ness, those don’t just go away because you’re at a larger scale. They get ampli­fied. Thing about this.

If your current level at one x, you self sabo­tage when some­thing happens is a certain situ­a­tion in your life and that’s kind of a subcon­scious trig­ger for you to self sabo­tage. Take your­self out and you end up losing money at one x y. You might lose a thou­sand dollars a from gambling it 10 x, you might lose 10,000 at 100 x, you might lose $100,000, 500,000 or a million. That pattern is still there. That shadow aspect, that story and strat­egy of deal­ing with stress is exactly the same. You’re not going to get less stress as you scale. It will be a differ­ent kind of stress. It’s impor­tant to under­stand this before you start scal­ing so you can begin to address some of these patterns and strate­gies of oper­at­ing inter­nally before you scale. This isn’t some­thing talked a lot about. People are just like, hey, just make more money. No one really says, well, that’s going to amplify view. That’s going to amplify what­ever exists. The scale does­n’t just give you more room. The scale also ampli­fies what is.