Today I want to talk about the differ­ence between feed­back and opin­ions. What is feed­back? Feedback is a direct response from the envi­ron­ment, but an action that we’ve taken that lets us know if what we are doing works or does not work. So an exam­ple of this would be your bank account. The numbers in your bank account is feed­back that lets you know if the way that you are making money is work­ing to help you get what you want. Opinions are an indi­vid­ual or collec­tive person’s ideas about a topic that is gener­ally filtered through their own belief systems and personal expe­ri­ences. An exam­ple of this would be some­bod­ies view on how much money you should or should­n’t have in your bank account and why I often tell people that I don’t care about people’s opin­ions. This is some­thing that star­tles a lot of people because we’re so condi­tioned to be told that we need to respect and listen to other people’s opin­ions about pretty much every­thing.

I don’t care what anybody else thinks about anything else. That’s their busi­ness. You can think what­ever you want. I don’t care. It is not going to affect my day to day life. It is not an accu­rate repre­sen­ta­tion of input from the envi­ron­ment that I need in order to assess where I’m at. Now, you can still get feed­back from a person, but this differ­ent. This differs from their opin­ion because when you get feed­back from some­body that is some­thing that is specific towards you, it is. It is a request from some­body else that you actu­ally want to get reflected from them from an outside perspec­tive, from outside your own box, in order for you to be informed in a new way. It is about data. It is about infor­ma­tion and the best kind of feed­back is the kind that is the least processed and distorted and filtered as possi­ble. I encour­age you to stop seek­ing and asking other people about their opin­ions. Instead, I suggest you start find­ing very specific people and the systems that will give you accu­rate infor­ma­tion about how you’re show­ing up in the world, how your busi­nesses running, what sort of things fit your doing that are caus­ing success or fail­ure, and it is with utmost impor­tance that you get feed­back from sources you trust.