Today I want to talk about the difference between feedback and opinions. What is feedback? Feedback is a direct response from the environment, but an action that we’ve taken that lets us know if what we are doing works or does not work. So an example of this would be your bank account. The numbers in your bank account is feedback that lets you know if the way that you are making money is working to help you get what you want. Opinions are an individual or collective person’s ideas about a topic that is generally filtered through their own belief systems and personal experiences. An example of this would be somebodies view on how much money you should or shouldn’t have in your bank account and why I often tell people that I don’t care about people’s opinions. This is something that startles a lot of people because we’re so conditioned to be told that we need to respect and listen to other people’s opinions about pretty much everything.

I don’t care what anybody else thinks about anything else. That’s their business. You can think whatever you want. I don’t care. It is not going to affect my day to day life. It is not an accurate representation of input from the environment that I need in order to assess where I’m at. Now, you can still get feedback from a person, but this different. This differs from their opinion because when you get feedback from somebody that is something that is specific towards you, it is. It is a request from somebody else that you actually want to get reflected from them from an outside perspective, from outside your own box, in order for you to be informed in a new way. It is about data. It is about information and the best kind of feedback is the kind that is the least processed and distorted and filtered as possible. I encourage you to stop seeking and asking other people about their opinions. Instead, I suggest you start finding very specific people and the systems that will give you accurate information about how you’re showing up in the world, how your businesses running, what sort of things fit your doing that are causing success or failure, and it is with utmost importance that you get feedback from sources you trust.

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