Today I want to talk about how culture is backwards. If we look out into the modern Western world, we see a rapidly increasing majority of people who are suffering, people who are sick, people with chronic disease, obesity, unfulfillment, unsatisfaction, people that hate their jobs, people that live for the weekend, people that are heavily medicated, people that are shut down, closed off, numbed out, people that avoid what they don’t want to do. When we look out into the world and see this in our culture, it should be a sign that there is an issue. This does not work. Living for the weekend, heating five out of seven days a week for 50 years of your life is not a way to live. If we look at food, the food that we have now is not the food that we had 150 years ago. While we’ve had some amazing technological breakthroughs that has allowed us to overcome famines and certain diseases.

The transition from what milk, bread and water was 150 years ago to what it is for most people today is monstrous. It’s completely backwards. It’s not the same thing at all. When we look at how people approach their day to day life, how people live for the weekend and use drugs and alcohol to numb themselves out, how people use entertainment to check themselves out. This is the way that culture thinks life is, and it doesn’t work. In sharing this with you today, I’m not saying that we need to go out and change the world, that it has anything to do about anybody else out there. The reason I’m sharing this is for you to see how the mainstream world gets things backwards. You’ve probably encountered this in your journey to entrepreneurship, that people think that, oh, you have to get a job to be safe and secure.

Well, that’s actually backwards because when you take responsibility for your own income, it’s completely in your hands. When you work for somebody else, you are at the absolute mercy of their whim. When you can see this, you can look at your own actions and behaviors and the thought and adjust accordingly. If you see a culture who is doing things one way and the result they’re getting is unfulfilling, unsatisfying, destructive, and miserable. Chances are if you do the opposite, if you do what society thinks is wrong or backwards, you’ll have a much better chance towards something meaningful, fulfilling, satisfying. Enjoy us. This is not about judgment. This is about recognizing myths that no longer serve you and knowing how to choose something different.

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