Today I want to talk about unfiltered marketing. The common marketing space is going to tell you to only show the world the good stuff because if you’re broken or flawed or ugly or sad or depressed or failing or struggling or suffering, who wants to see that? Nobody’s going to buy from you if they perceive you to be this way. In my work with my clients, I do pretty much the opposite. While I do show them wonderful, happy, and joyous, great, successful things that I’ve done and I’m doing, I also show them the struggles, the ugly bits, my shadow and client calls. I literally will tell the client how I failed, what I’m currently struggling with, my shortcomings, my shadow. We aspects the things that I’m afraid and ashamed of. Now this isn’t because I’m trying to fake vulnerability. This isn’t because I’m trying to manipulate them into rapport.

This isn’t because I’m trying to air my dirty laundry. It’s because that’s the truth of what’s going on and when I work with people, I work with them on those exact same things. So showing them that they’re not the only one going through it, that they think that’s the case because of what I just told you about how everybody else that they see is only showing them although wonderful rainbows and unicorns stuff and so they have no accurate reference point of reality of what people are actually going through on this modern day heroes journey of entrepreneurship and artistry. So I encourage you in your own marketing, in your own dealing with your audience, with your clients, with the whole world to do so in a way that you appropriately share things unfiltered that you don’t hide aspects of yourself through filters, through manipulations, through distortion, through lies, through deception, through emitting huge parts of data that skews the perception. This doesn’t mean to not do things professionally. That doesn’t mean just to be negative and depressing and airing your dirty laundry and all of that sort of thing. This is about telling the truth. This is about having your marketing convey who you really are without distortion, without trying to add things that aren’t real or without trying to remove things that are real nor distorting things. In order to deceive the public, in order for your persona and image to look better than what it really is.

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