Today I want to talk about unfil­tered market­ing. The common market­ing space is going to tell you to only show the world the good stuff because if you’re broken or flawed or ugly or sad or depressed or fail­ing or strug­gling or suffer­ing, who wants to see that? Nobody’s going to buy from you if they perceive you to be this way. In my work with my clients, I do pretty much the oppo­site. While I do show them wonder­ful, happy, and joyous, great, success­ful things that I’ve done and I’m doing, I also show them the strug­gles, the ugly bits, my shadow and client calls. I liter­ally will tell the client how I failed, what I’m currently strug­gling with, my short­com­ings, my shadow. We aspects the things that I’m afraid and ashamed of. Now this isn’t because I’m trying to fake vulner­a­bil­ity. This isn’t because I’m trying to manip­u­late them into rapport.

This isn’t because I’m trying to air my dirty laun­dry. It’s because that’s the truth of what’s going on and when I work with people, I work with them on those exact same things. So show­ing them that they’re not the only one going through it, that they think that’s the case because of what I just told you about how every­body else that they see is only show­ing them although wonder­ful rain­bows and unicorns stuff and so they have no accu­rate refer­ence point of real­ity of what people are actu­ally going through on this modern day heroes jour­ney of entre­pre­neur­ship and artistry. So I encour­age you in your own market­ing, in your own deal­ing with your audi­ence, with your clients, with the whole world to do so in a way that you appro­pri­ately share things unfil­tered that you don’t hide aspects of your­self through filters, through manip­u­la­tions, through distor­tion, through lies, through decep­tion, through emit­ting huge parts of data that skews the percep­tion. This does­n’t mean to not do things profes­sion­ally. That does­n’t mean just to be nega­tive and depress­ing and airing your dirty laun­dry and all of that sort of thing. This is about telling the truth. This is about having your market­ing convey who you really are with­out distor­tion, with­out trying to add things that aren’t real or with­out trying to remove things that are real nor distort­ing things. In order to deceive the public, in order for your persona and image to look better than what it really is.