As I’ve mentioned before, rela­tion­ships and entre­pre­neur­ship will trans­form your life faster than anything else. Perhaps I’m biased, as my own entre­pre­neur­ial path and fail­ure in rela­tion­ships have been the cata­lyst for my spir­i­tual awak­en­ing.

It doesn’t have to look like “Forbes” entre­pre­neur­ship. I consider any endeav­our of culti­vat­ing and mone­tiz­ing your personal gifts to be “entre­pre­neur­ship”. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you’re a musi­cian or magi­cian, painter or profes­sional coach, healer or health food hustler, CEO or car engi­neer.

If you want to grow, these two “ships” done with aware­ness and dedi­cated learn­ing, will teach you more about your­self than any test or course. It’s not about what you do, but who you become from the process.

This why I call it “awak­ened entre­pre­neur­ship”. There’s a differ­ence between the motions of running a busi­ness, and running a busi­ness while using it as one of the great­est vehi­cles for personal trans­for­ma­tion.

This is why you’re read­ing this; you under­stand that busi­ness and art is really a vehi­cle for love, expres­sion, and expan­sion of conscious­ness.

It doesn’t HAVE to involve years of suffer­ing, but make no mistake: this path is chal­leng­ing and full of sacri­fice. It is not rain­bows and unicorns. We have to be will­ing to give certain things up to fulfill our vision.

At vari­ous times through­out this process, you will have to give up…

  • Leisure
  • Excuses
  • Blame
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Pleasure
  • Smallness
  • Safety
  • Assurance
  • Limitations
  • Fears
  • Habits
  • Time
  • Laziness
  • Complacency
  • Victimhood
  • Entitlement
  • Comfort
  • Beliefs
  • Ego
  • Righteousness
  • Pride
  • Privacy
  • Chaos
  • Stability

…and count­less other things.

Old friends that you love but are hold­ing you back as crit­ics… let them go. Family that doesn’t believe in you… distance your­self. Beliefs that prevent you from having what you want… change them. Habits that sabo­tage your success… stop them. The comfort zone you stay in that keeps you safe and small… move out.

These fluc­tu­ate from stage to stage, and vary greatly depend­ing on what we need to learn. It’s not about balance, but harmony. And we’re all differ­ent. You will learn what’s specific to you to thrive; what tanks need to be more full at times than others.

  • I’ve sacri­ficed decades of my life to be behind the computer and work.
  • The party­ing most people did in their early 20’s was elusive to me as I spent my week­ends build­ing a busi­ness.
  • I chose to discon­nect from friends and family who didn’t get what I was doing.
  • I went cold turkey and gave up all video games (which was my life as a kid).
  • I’ve missed out on a lot of really great TV shows, video games, and books I’m sure I’d love.
  • I moved away from those I loved to pursue my dreams, and missed out on a lot of price­less memo­ries.
  • I spend a lot of time alone, and do not have the social life the typi­cal person does due to the amount of work required at this stage of my busi­ness.
  • I spent most of my prof­its on ther­apy, health, and train­ing myself rather than enter­tain­ment or bling.
  • I chose to get really, really uncom­fort­able, lean into my fears, and fail my face off and deal with the conse­quences and embar­rass­ment.

This was not the right or wrong way to do it, it is just what I did. Perhaps there’s an element of martyr­dom, or even self pity, so I have to be vigi­lant about that. I feel the payoffs for most of it has been worth it, as my health, success, happi­ness, skill sets, and lifestyle speak for the price paid. You may have a differ­ent path, a way that looks totally differ­ent than mine or others—that’s fine.

Entrepreneurship—the means you support your­self through usings your gifts to be of service—is the modern day Hero’s Journey. It can be the process in which our entire lives, and even the world, trans­forms. And that’s no walk in the park.

Again, this doesn’t mean it has to be full of pain, suffer­ing, loss, and constraint. If you’re not having fun, cele­brat­ing, and enjoy­ing the free­dom and fruits of your labor… what’s the point? There are moments when you sacri­fice good for great, that in the moment suck, but even­tu­ally lead to wonder­ful things.

Today’s message is to prepare or assure you that you’re not wrong or the only one who goes through this. That this is a normal part of the jour­ney, and you don’t have to be winning at all things at all times.

I believe this process may be one of the most chal­leng­ing and reward­ing things we will do in life. The media doesn’t talk about this. We don’t see the suicides, depres­sion, and effects of fail­ure and stress. We see all the things people get, but not what they give up.

It is not for every­one.

Everything has its price. You cannot get some­thing for noth­ing. You must choose daily, and it’s okay if those choices change. Life events happen, and there’s no need to feel guilty for shift­ing prior­i­ties.


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