Some of the best innovators in the world had highly developed intuition, whether they knew it or not. They were able to merge the creative and intuitive with the logical and intellectual to create breakthroughs that ushered humanity into new eras. They had access to both the intuitive FEELING and the rational MIND.

Many in our modern business world operate without a connection to their body, and think everything happens from their head. When you’re in your head (which a majority of us are) you have no access to the intuitive feeling place of the body. This is the path to the intuition and the information around us.

One of the biggest reasons this path isn’t available to most people, is that it operates in the land of feeling. Not of “feelings”, but feeling. Not reactive, crazy-dramatic emotions—but gut-level, somatic experience.

We all can go there, but some people don’t want to feel. It scares the shit out of them.

Because feeling:

  1. Is completely foreign and misunderstood
  2. Is seemingly inferior to the ego-mind and intellectuals
  3. Is intangible, unspeakable, and invalidated by culture
  4. Requires you to feel everything, both the good and the bad feelings
  5. Doesn’t make any rational sense
  6. Can’t be put into a box, systematized, outsourced, or sold

Overcoming these challenges is tough for most people. So many of us would rather shut down. Many people don’t have any idea they can’t feel. It’s taken me years to be able to feel and operate from an integrated place, and I’m just starting to figure it out. It’s been one of the most challenging endeavors, and has flipped my entire reality upside down.

Despite all that, I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely worth it.

Let me first clarify what I mean by “feeling”. There is a difference between “feeling” in the intuitive sense, and superficial “feelings” people act out and belittle. I’m not talking about “feelings” in the “aw you hurt my feelings” sense, but in the way of accessing data through the intuitive body rather than the mind.

Think about the unexplainable “ah-ha!” moments walking through the forest on your lunch break when you’re present to the trees and rocks. The “gut knowings” you can’t explain, but know are true. You just know; there’s no logic or words to it. Learning to operate more and more from that place has 10x everything in my life.

If this sounds bizarre, irrelevant, or uncomfortable—I understand. It didn’t make any sense to me when I first heard about it.

For this series, just understand that there are two primary ways we operate: through head-thought-logic or through body-feeling-intuitive. The first is intellect, the later is intelligence. Neither is right or wrong—yet the body has infinitely more access than the ego. I’ve found it essential to operate more from the body rather than the head.

Everything in your life will change once you shift from trying to figure out everything in your head and micromanaging your emotions, to dropping into your body in the moment and feeling all the things you’ve been avoiding feeling.

That’s what this article really is about: how we avoid feeling the bad things and distort reality.

Because even if you don’t care about things like intuition and feelings, you probably do care about ensuring your business is successful… right?

In order to have a successful business, we need to make informed choices. If we are avoiding feeling certain things, we will act from avoidance in our business and ignore important feedback.

When you’re either negative and depressed or positive and excited, you’re not seeing the truth. You are filtering your experience in order to avoid feeling what you don’t want to feel. When this happens, you don’t have access to resources or data that’s right there because you’re blocking it out. You’re projecting a label of good or bad, should and shouldn’t, right and wrong.

The metrics of your business, the feelings you feel, the actions you take are adiaphorous… they are neither good or bad, they just are. They all have information that will help you learn and make better choices.

Do you see how ignoring or avoiding untrue aspects of ourselves robs us of a full experience of life, our full potential, and the truth of what’s happening?

Imagine not seeing shadows on anything anymore. You would lose all sense of depth and texture. Everything would be 2D and there would be no contrast. Your entire view of the world would be distorted and incomplete, as massive amounts of data would be lost.

The flipside would be worse, since without light, you couldn’t see anything. It’s not just distorted; it’s gone. You’d be blind to all of life. That’s what pessimism and negativity is. All the peace, joy, freedom, love, abundance, life, pleasure, play is not even visible… how could it be?

My friend, “The Process” isn’t just about business, but everything you do. If you invalidate the ideas of love, feeling, creativity, play, joy, and silliness from your business, you are dreadfully mistaken. This is not just your business or craft—this is your life.

What you create is an extension of yourself. It has the same limitations and potential, the same love and fear, the same playfulness or dread, the same vision or blindness. It comes through in your writing, design, products, brand, culture, employees, and customers.

This is why the results I get with my clients are unlike anything else out there. Changing your landing page means diddly-do for your results compared to shifting the way you show up in the world. It’s the difference between a few extra thousand dollars—and a few extra zeros.

Just like we went over on Day 16; it’s all inside you already, waiting for you to listen.

All of the resources and gifts that you’ve tied up in your shadow are there because you refuse to feel something. Something that was a lie; a mis-meaning you gave an experience you took personally. To gain back access, you need to stop avoiding the all those feelings you’re judging.

  • When you start to feel all the suffering you’ve been causing yourself and the loss of all those years instead of planning another vacation
  • When you feel the depression instead of binging on Netflix
  • When you go live for the first time and feel the embarrassment and awkwardness
  • When you let yourself feel the joy and gratitude of being alive in this era rather than complain and feel resentment for the government
  • When you let yourself feel sensual pleasure and the shame that surrounds it
  • When you feel the terror of getting on stage to speak and the horrors of reading in front of the class as a youth shake your body
  • When you feel the stillness and the peace around you, and then start feeling the loneliness bubble up, and stick with it instead of distracting with your phone

…that’s when you start healing, that’s when you can see what’s going on inside, and that’s when your real treasures start to show themselves.

When you stop judging the goodness or badness of your emotions and see the value in all of them, you stop trying to feel good. Instead, you simply feel it all.


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