What a bless­ing you’re read­ing this. Just contem­plate the millions of inven­tions and inno­va­tors that made the tech­nol­ogy to distrib­ute and read these words possi­ble. It’s mind-blowing to fathom how many fail­ures and break­throughs it took to get human­ity to this point, just for us to share this moment together. Or the centuries of trials and tribu­la­tions, famines and plagues, wars and sacri­fice that your ances­tors survived for you to be here alive right now.

How can we not feel ridicu­lously blessed?

It’s also wild to know that you’ve trusted me enough to spend a month listen­ing to what I’m sharing—and I don’t take any of that for granted. Your atten­tion and time can never be refunded, which is why I’ve done my best to share price­less value in this series. The exact things my clients have spent months and thou­sands of dollars to learn with me.

I’m so grate­ful to not only be able to facil­i­tate this program for thou­sands of people, but to have people so dedi­cated to their truth and vision that they stick around for the whole thing. This path is not easy. We did not sign up to bring our gifts into the world against all odds because we thought it was the easy way out. The fact that you’re here now, read­ing this, means that despite where you are in life, there’s a part of you that knows you’re meant for some­thing even greater.

Yesterday was the culmi­na­tion of our work in this series, and undoubt­edly the most jarring for many of you. It’s such an impor­tant conver­sa­tion, and nobody is having it. Hopefully it shook your ego up… at least a little.

It’s okay if you don’t like me anymore or think I’m an awful person. Really.

I want you coming out of this chal­lenged, inspired, and feel­ing what’s real… not just enter­tained and placated. Having new ways of seeing your­self and the world from here on out. Having discov­ered things about your char­ac­ter, poten­tial, and truth that will propel you forward into the magnif­i­cence of life.

We can see this world as if we’re cursed and the whole thing’s against us—or we can see that we’re blessed and supported by the earth. Both can be people’s real­ity; it’s a choice.

You have the oppor­tu­nity in each moment to focus on what you don’t have or focus on all that you do. You can choose to see lack or abun­dance. You can choose to be enti­tled or humble. To choose long­ing or grat­i­tude.

It doesn’t mean pretend like you’re able to pay your bills if you can’t. It doesn’t mean that many people in the world aren’t suffer­ing or lack­ing. Gratitude and focus isn’t about deny­ing the data or living in a fantasy.

It means to accept it and see past it. To look around you and find conscious­ness unfold­ing and the life it ushers into the world. To see absolute peace and non-judgement in nature, in the midst of preda­tor and prey. To count the bless­ings you DO have, rather than what hasn’t come yet.

This isn’t “doing grat­i­tude”; it’s about actu­ally being grate­ful. It’s improper to approach this as some “real­ity hack” to bypass your suffer­ing and skip to the “fun” part. The feel­ing IS the “fun” part!

Do this because you actu­ally have count­less reasons to be grate­ful. You have to feel the grat­i­tude, not just think about it or write it in a list. It’s about expe­ri­enc­ing and feel­ing life; content with the feel­ing of open­ness grat­i­tude brings in itself.

If you don’t feel grate­ful, then stand in that ungrate­ful­ness. Do it so well that you’re the best ungrate­ful person the world has ever seen. I mean, if you’re going to be stub­born, might as well be fantas­tic at it! At least you can be grate­ful for such skill, right? Then when you’re tired, exhausted, and done with push­ing away love—you can chose to give up the fight and stop the tantrum. The years of throw­ing a fit that you can’t have what you want; which is all a lie.

Gratitude is saying “I’m lovable, I’m worthy, I’m allow­ing, I’m giving”.

When you receive and allow, you get your needs met and are full. From this full­ness you feel grate­ful and want to share and give back.

Just like breath, it’s a cycle.


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