It’s a bit ironic that the title for the series finale is called “It Never Ends”. But it’s not a coincidence. The very reason this entire thing is called “The Process” is because your transformation is without end. Sure, there are thresholds and milestones, but you never “get there”. There’s no place to get; life happens now.

We now come full circle to Day 1. You are not broken, there is nothing to fix, there’s nowhere else you have to be. All the freedom, joy, love, and abundance is found now. Not in 10 years when your startup goes public. Not in 200 years when your art is discovered and finally appreciated. It’s not last year when things were going great, and it won’t be next year when you hope to finally “make it”.

It’s now. And it never ends. If you’re looking for decades of work to eventually bring you peace, you’re in for a rude awakening one day—that it was available to you all along.

There’s no magic point in the timeline of your life, where 30 years from now, you no longer need to heal, learn, grow, play, listen, and fail. I’ve yet to meet any “successful” person who doesn’t have their flaws, vices, or stories to work through. Not me, my mentors, the president, Tony Robbins, Oprah, Gandhi—nobody.

To think that someday, once you destroy your shadow and ego, you’ll finally be perfect and healed—is delusional. Not just that it won’t happen, but in the fallacy of its premise.

That being said, there ARE choice points where you make a shift… a stopping that changes everything. The shift from attachment to acceptance, from suffering to joy, from poverty to abundance. To not only feel different, but to create real physical results in your life.

If you’re not where you want to be, that’s okay. It takes time. Give yourself a few extra years and enjoy the ride. Have patience and find ways to lower the financial, emotional, and societal pressures. Take it one step at a time.

There was a quote up at my old Kung Fu studio that has stayed with me:

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” ― Arthur Ashe

Even if you have everything you could possibly want in your career and life, we have to keep moving forward. Stagnation is death. Nature doesn’t rewind and regret, nor does it stand still and worry. It just explodes forward through evolution and learns about itself as it goes. “That species didn’t work, let’s try this mutation. That ecosystem is getting out of hand, here’s some checks and balances.”

I have a grandparent who is literally withering away. Months without leaving the house, can’t walk without getting out of breath, and is always uncomfortable. No exercise, no new learning, no creative hobbies, no fresh food, no social life. It is so sad seeing years of life just dissolving before my eyes. I witness the effects of physical and mental stagnation in a very tangible way, and it’s horrifying. It’s hard to even say this, because I have so much love for them and want the best. Of course I’ve tried to help, but it’s their choice and I have had to accept it.

I share this with raw urgency because life is about movement. It’s a dance, not a place in the room to sit.

If you’re waiting for all this work to end, you’re waiting for death. It’s not even work. Our bodies, mind, and spirit were made to be used.

I see so many people, including myself, say “when I have X, THEN I’ll be happy”.

It’s bullshit.

You’re waiting for a future that, if it ever comes, certainly disappoints. It’s just another version of the silly scam of working a soulless job just for retirement that we despised in the first place. It’s putting life on hold for a fantasy when everything you need is right in front of you.

That kind of insanity is also something that never ends, since you’re always needing that “next” thing. Like an addict. You end up getting the “thing” and wondering why you still don’t feel complete. We think it’s something “out there” we’re missing, and by creating some mega business empire, it will somehow make us whole or our lives meaningful.

This nuttery plagues so many “ultra successful high performers”, as their drive is an avoidance of now—so they compulsively move on to the next, next, next. They are out of touch with the shadow that’s really behind their motivation. It makes for a lot of money, but little true peace. With all the drugs, pharmaceuticals, booze, broken families, and suicide plaguing execs—you’d think we’d realize something isn’t working.

I don’t know what’s best for you, only you do. But in my opinion, what’s the point of the sacrifice, blood, sweat, tears, and stress mandated by entrepreneurship if we’re not enjoying ourselves and experience love and fun along the way?

You have a choice. You can let the neurosis run your fantasy and experience a life of endless insanity and suffering. Or, you can let spirit move you and enjoy the endless dance of life for what it is.

Stop waiting—it never ends.


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