“What is this in one sentence?”

This is a free 3o-day series for awakening entrepreneurs that see their business, craft, and voice as not only a means to freedom, but inner and outer transformation.

“Is this an affiliate scheme? What are you selling?”

No mass affiliates, no spam, no gimmicks. Only people that have actually gotten value and are personally vetted by me are promoting it. There are no shoddy products to upsell, spamming, or deceptive unsustainable launches. I make no money directly from these emails. I do, however, let people know I offer paid group coaching services at the end. 1 email on day 31, and one follow up, that’s it. No surprises or annoyances.

“Why are you doing this if you’re not selling information or launching a premium course?”

  • Community-Building – I want to connect to people who “get it” and want the support of the few that truly understand this path, including myself.
  • Paying It Forward – We get by giving. This is my Jab, Jab, Jab. I wanted to put out incredibly high-value and original content that doesn’t hold back any punches.
  • Legacy & Impact – These ideas need to get out into the world. No use being locked away. They have changed everything in my life and the lives of my clients.
  • Awareness – Getting my name and message out to the public. This how I show people I can serve them, which eventually leads to new coaching clients.
  • Demonstrate – The very principles I share in the series are what I am having to embody to get this course out.
  • Vetting – This series is a prerequisite for my group coaching programs, which are only offered to graduates.

“What’s in it for me?”

Audaciously, I think you’ll actually get something from the content itself. It’s why I think you’ll want to share it in the first place.

This is all free content, so it’s a massive value-give to your people without you doing the heavy lifting of creating it. I don’t get paid for this content, so there’s no money immediately for you on a product sale.

However, if you’re sending serious amounts of people this way that are a perfect fit and want to work something out, let me know. I’m open to ideas for us both to profit and thrive. There is also a referral program available for partners that receive a recurring 20% of membership dues each month. This is a live monthly group coaching program that is the only “offer” given to participants. Please send me a message to discuss.

“Who are you and why should I care? How do I know you’re not full of it?”

My name is Drew Gerald. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 18, when I started a software company and ran it for 7 years. This high-end software was used by Fortune 500 clients such as Disney, Samsung, Sony Pictures, Whole Foods, BT, Walmart, Discovery, Square-Enix, Turner, Acura, and over 30,000 others. I did this solo without any mentorship, and learned about all aspects of business through real-world experience.

During this time I was deep into personal development and began my journey of authorship and coaching. This lead to a spiritual awakening and years of healing, where nearly $100k was spent on trainings, courses, healing, holistic health, mentorship, successes, failures, research, and the latest technologies. My own transformation lead to a desire to share what I learned with the world, and a downward spiral of struggle, confusion, and suffering.

I was eventually published by Mindvalley, alongside spiritual leaders such as Eckhart Tolle, Abraham-Hicks, David Deida, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Bob Proctor, and Ken Wilber. Shortly after, I became homeless and entered a deep phase of darkness.

After another 4 years of work, healing, and mentorship I was able to see the truth of my life and how I was creating my suffering. These truths turned my entire life around and were fundamental to my current success, both externally and internally. Ones that I’m still learning and discovering; that are real and current for me, and have transformed the lives of my private clients. It’s these lessons that I am sharing with you, your audience, and anyone willing to see the truth.

No matter what specific genre or niche you and your audience are in, these fundamental principles and lessons will help them bypass years of struggle and suffering. This series will allow them to be more of who they really are, discover what’s holding them back in their business and life, and enhance the ideas you’re sharing with them.

There is no competition, and it won’t take away from your own message. When you share something that helps them succeed, you look good, especially if it’s free and high quality.

“Is this a fit for my audience?”

The following sections should give you a good idea of who would benefit most from this material. Please only share if you think it’s a perfect fit; this is a very close-knit community of influential, loving, and brilliant people. They don’t put up with bullshit. We are all in this together and want to support and be supported.


  • Entrepreneurs that are looking for support beyond strategies and tactics, as well as a community that “gets” the process of transformation alongside succeeding
  • Musicians, writers, artists, performers, and other creatives who are looking to share their gifts with the world without starving or selling-out
  • Coaches, influencers, healers, speakers, therapists who understand that giving up their real voice to fit in or censoring their history of healing will not get them where they want to be

Audience Traits:

  • Concious entrepreneurs, creatives, and practitioners (anyone who works for themselves and brings their ideas to the market is an entrepreneur)
  • Desire to do good in the world and better themselves to more authentically share their products, message, services, and gifts at the highest levels
  • Open-minded and willing to do whatever it takes to live the life they want
  • Already have a certain level of success and financial stability
  • More spiritually or philosophically inclined, but still grounded and functional
  • Starting a new business or practice, or at a plateau in their existing one. Or perhaps business is good, but something’s not right inside
  • Define success materially AND spiritually; not in it only for the money, but know the importance of wealth in all areas, perhaps struggling with this
  • Interested in self-help, personal development, business advice, leadership, healing, coaching, mentorship

Similar Audiences: Tony Robbins, Mindvalley, Marie Forleo, Napoleon Hill, Gary Vaynerchuk, Alan Watts

“What is the content you’re going to be sending my people? I’m very protective and only accept the highest quality material.”

Me too. This literally has my name on it, and is the best quality work I can produce at this point in my life. It’s all shot with professional equipment and designed by me. I have every incentive to make it as good as possible, and know I only get one chance. The material is exceptional and the delivery beautiful. I’ve been doing this for nearly a decade; I’m not a fly by night marketer looking to make a quick buck. Like you, this is my life and legacy.

Series Overview: A free, daily, 30-day email and web series comprised of 2-3 page articles and 4-9 minute videos on the following topics:

  • Day 1 – Stop Fixing And Start Living
  • Day 2 – The Ready Trap
  • Day 3 – Fortune Favors The Bold
  • Day 4 – Perfection Is A Prison
  • Day 5 – Censoring Silly to Permission To Play
  • Day 6 – Recognizing Nobility
  • Day 7 – Guilt-Free Brilliance
  • Day 8 – Taking Up Space
  • Day 9 – Doing It Wrong
  • Day 10 – Being Seen In The Mess
  • Day 11 – Honest Observing
  • Day 12 – Taking Things Personally
  • Day 13 – Absolute Freedom Requires Absolute Responsibility
  • Day 14 – Continuous Stopping
  • Day 15 – Levels & Progress
  • Day 16 – You Know All You Need Already
  • Day 17 – Money
  • Day 18 – Metrics
  • Day 19 – Comparison & Jealousy
  • Day 20 – Do Not Confuse Gold With Glitter
  • Day 21 – The Sacrifices of Awakened Entrepreneurship
  • Day 22 – When You Feel Alone (And You Will)
  • Day 23 – Lean Into The Place You Fear
  • Day 24 – When You Feel Like Giving Up (And You Will)
  • Day 25 – Failure & Success Strategies
  • Day 26 – It’s Not About Feeling Good—It’s About Feeling
  • Day 27 – Fall In Love With The Shadow
  • Day 28 – Gratitude
  • Day 29 – Vision
  • Day 30 – It Never Ends

If you’d like to see the actual content, please send me a message directly. You’re also welcome to go through the course yourself.