New Book For Awakening Entrepreneurs & Artists

“Answered: Why You’re Still Stuck Even Though You’ve Been Doing All The Work

Drew Gerald

Drew Gerald

Dear fellow adven­turer,

If you’re confused and frus­trated—despite all you know and how much you’ve worked on yourself—because you feel like you should be further along…

And are ready—today—to break through once and for all…

(And have fun in the process)

Then this may be the most impor­tant book you’ll ever read.

Wait, Before You Continue:

Please under­stand this book is writ­ten specif­i­cally for a select group of people.

  • You must already be in busi­ness: whether that’s a tradi­tional prod­uct or service, or an artis­tic craft such as music, writ­ing, design, or acting
  • You must not be a begin­ner: these advanced concepts assume you already have some conscious­ness or personal devel­op­ment work under your belt

If you’re not an entre­pre­neur or artist, who takes respon­si­bil­ity for their own life and has an insa­tiable curios­ity for greater truth—STOP.

But if that’s you, read on…

It’s Time To Wake Up

It’s your life, you can’t really mess it up—but you sure can suffer need­lessly.

If you want some­thing more out of this cosmic-blink-of-time while on Earth, then your life may liter­ally depend on you figur­ing out why you’re still stuck.

Because you’re here, right now, read­ing this… it’s crit­i­cal you get this and wake up out of it.

I Have A Confession:

The impor­tance of waking up out of this isn’t because I read it in some spir­i­tual text…

This real­iza­tion came from my own fear of fail­ing to fulfill my mission.

My own shadow. My own perceived inad­e­qua­cies. My own fears of regret.

The demons I’ve strug­gled with.

The chal­lenges I’ve had to face day to day that some­times still get the best of me.

While these have moti­vated the #*@! out of me, they also caused great suffering—from home­less­ness and poverty to lone­li­ness and despair. For years I was stuck trying to change and fix it, attempt­ing every­thing I could. Some of it helped, but mostly life seemed to get harder the more I tried to improve myself.

It didn’t make any sense!

But A Year Ago, Things Changed

And I want to share specif­i­cally what, out of thou­sands of trans­for­ma­tional teach­ings, finally worked and made the differ­ence.

So if you feel like I did… and want to ensure that your life does­n’t end with regret—keep read­ing.

I can’t make any guar­an­tees or do the work for you.

However, I can say that the things I share in this book are the only things that “made the shift” when noth­ing else would work, both for my private clients and myself. (Because they’re not like most tradi­tional self-help concepts you’ve heard a thou­sand times before).

Let’s jump right into what you’ll be getting from this book…

Why You're Still Stuck by Drew Gerald

What You’re Receiving

First off, this isn’t your typi­cal “self-help ebook” by some face­less entity thrown together just to make a quick buck—in fact, I’m barely charg­ing for it.

My book, “Why You’re Still Stuck”, is filled with applic­a­ble concepts that bridge psycho­log­i­cal, spir­i­tual, somatic, and myth­i­cal tradi­tions together into an enlight­en­ing, yet prac­ti­cal guide for getting unstuck. It’s distilled from a decade of actual expe­ri­ence and results (includ­ing a lot of fail­ures lessons).

It’s made specif­i­cally for entre­pre­neurs and artists on the “Modern Day Hero’s Journey”—because that’s who I am, and that’s what I know best.

Here’s just a frac­tion of what you’ll get:

  • The one thing every­one thinks that keeps them stuck—stop doing this and your prob­lems vanish — page 23

  • I won’t placate you—hear the hard truth about why you’re stuck and the perils of “being right” — p13

  • Why even nontra­di­tional moti­va­tional semi­nars and “persona devel­op­ment” courses (that’s not a typo) are ulti­mately inef­fec­tive at keep­ing you unstuck—and what to do instead — p21

  • The things you must imme­di­ately move in order to avoid death — p52

  • These 2 common pitfalls prevent most people from getting to where they want. As long as you’re will­ing to do this simple, but coura­geous thing—you’ll be ahead of 99% people — p59

  • The “easy way” to change will help you break through the stub­born areas in your life with­out actu­ally having to face them directly. This mystic, Hermetic prin­ci­ple is the reason it works — p44

  • 10 Ways why “dumb people” actu­ally move faster, and the 3 types of “intel­lec­tu­als” that take them­selves out — p32

  • Why most “love and light” people are danger­ous and inef­fec­tive in busi­ness, and what you need to own to avoid this trap — p57

  • Did you know that how good you are could actu­ally be hold­ing you back? Do this when your gift becomes your limit — p34

  • The one thing to STOP and the one thing to START when you’re addicted to personal devel­op­ment — p37

  • This silly child­hood safety slogan gets you out of your head so you can be more intu­itive — p48

  • How a grudge against “jocks” was hold­ing my life back, and how you can avoid the same mistake that took me out for 20 years — p53

  • You’re aware of the “invis­i­ble force” that deter­mines most people’s fate… but do you know how to escape its mediocre destiny? Find out — p66

  • The kind of person you MUST HAVE in your life to be success­ful… and it has noth­ing to do with the car they drive or who they know — p63

  • What made the differ­ence between this book being published and the dozens that never made it. This “stupidly simple deci­sion” will prove if you’re actu­ally moving forward… or secretly lying to your­self — p67

  • The war waging inside of you is the source of suffer­ing. This “enemy within” is actu­ally your best ally. I show you how to stop suppress­ing and judg­ing it so you can access your true gifts and be a hero - p56

  • This nerdy math equa­tion demon­strates why more solu­tions lead to more strug­gling. It’s so coun­ter­in­tu­itive, only alge­bra can explain it! — p26

  • If you don’t value this single thing above all else, you will falter, and you will be lead astray. Make this more impor­tant to you than anything and you will find solace even in the dark­est of days — p61

  • What it means when the results we get are the oppo­site of what we intended—and how to turn it around — p45

  • How an obnox­ious para­dox gives you the key to unbind you from your chosen stuck­ness. You’ll roll your eyes, but it works — p11

Despite being packed with orig­i­nal, fluff-free content—it’s an easy read (you can finish all 69 pages in an after­noon).

Why You're Still Stuck by Drew Gerald

One More Thing…

Do you like to listen to audio­books while on the go? I can relate; some­times it’s also more power­ful to hear the author read it.

That’s why I’m also gift­ing you the audio­book version for free (for a limited time only).

This isn’t text to speech or outsourced—it’s narrated unabridged by yours truly.

There’s no excuse—even if you don’t like or have time to read, you can effort­lessly listen to the entire book in just 1 hour and 49 minutes.

You’ll get access to both the PDF and a ZIP file contain­ing MP3s for each chap­ter.

Click that fancy button below to get instant access for only $17:

Not Another “Spiritual Business Book”

I’ve got noth­ing against “the woo”, (heck, I prob­a­bly seem “out there” to most), but you’ll find very little of it here. All the spir­i­tual concepts I share are grounded in being applic­a­ble to daily life—in and out of your career.

Realize it’s not only for break­ing through in your busi­ness.

I once had a client come to me for help around rela­tion­ships. As we went through the work, their rela­tion­ships, of course, started to change. But the fasci­nat­ing part was that using these same concepts I share in the book, they “happened” to also start making over $10,000 a month—as a poet of all things.

While the money and busi­ness success is impor­tant and sure is great, that’s not all you can apply this to. These prin­ci­ples have been used to get unstuck in health, rela­tion­ships, family life, spir­i­tual prac­tice, and more.

“What’s The Catch? It Can’t Be That Good If It’s So Inexpensive”

There’s no catch!

No conti­nu­ity programs. No high pres­sures sales call follow-ups. No junk emails.

I think you’ll find it’s also pretty darn good stuff.

Then why the $*!# am I doing this?

Here’s the truth:

On a personal level, I’m a published author so I actu­ally love writing—I wrote this book because the process lights me up, and want people to read and apply it because it’s already helped so many people. It fills my soul getting messages from people that do the work and get results from ideas I’ve shared.

On a busi­ness level, I have a blast coach­ing and that’s where I excel. I don’t make my money sell­ing a bajil­lion ebooks, but from high-level consult­ing. I figure there’s a good chance that if you’ve found value from what I’ve shared, and you want to dramat­i­cally accel­er­ate your process—you may want to work together in the future. It’s in my inter­est to put my best foot forward to show I can help you… by actu­ally help­ing you first.

It’s pretty straight­for­ward:

I’m an author, so self­ishly, I want you to read what I write and bene­fit from it—and I’m an entre­pre­neur who finds clients from build­ing longterm rela­tion­ships by giving value upfront first.

The $17 is simply your ante—your skin in the game.

It filters out the folks who just want things because they’re free but don’t intend on read­ing it. I’m look­ing for people that are sincerely inter­ested because it’ll help them, not just whim­si­cally curi­ous about a free offer.

Change your life for the price of lunch…

Fair enough?

What Else Do You Need To Know?

It will help you under­stand why you’re stuck.

It will help you break through your patterns of stuck­ness.

It’s a book writ­ten for your exact situ­a­tion.

It’s only $17.

It’s easy to read—short, and it contains no fluff or gimmicks.

I’ve even recorded an audio­book if you prefer listening—as a FREE bonus.

The Boldest Guarantee You’ll Find

There are no oblig­a­tions, zero risks, and even the time to read it is negli­gi­ble.

And at any point after finish­ing the book—even a year from now—if you don’t think the book offered any new insights or was a waste of time, let me know and I will DOUBLE-REFUND your order.

Yes, I’m seri­ous.

Not only will I refund the $17 you paid and you get to keep the book and MP3s, but I will send you an addi­tional $17 for wast­ing your time.

That’s just how much I value your time and believe in my work.

Drew Gerald Why You're Still Stuck Book

This Is Truly A Limited Offer

As you know, I’m prac­ti­cally giving this book away in the hopes that you get a lot out of it and will be impressed enough to do busi­ness down the road.

In my high­est end program, I only work with 10 private clients a year, and since my process is unlike anything else out there… spots tend to fill up quickly.

Thus, once my wait­list is booked for the year, this offer will end.

What To Do Next

Go ahead and click the giant pretty down­load button right now (or here).

Place your order and I’ll imme­di­ately send your PDF.

Then read the book, and let me know what you think.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope it’s help­ful.

I look forward to hear­ing from you soon!

Drew Gerald

PS. Here’s the gist if you (like I do) skipped right to the bottom:

  • I wrote (and narrated) a book. It’s for self-aware entre­pre­neurs.
  • It’ll help you under­stand why you’re stuck and how to break out of it.
  • It’s noth­ing like the posi­tive psychol­ogy or moti­va­tional or tactic books you’ve already read.
  • No crys­tals, trips to Bali, or shamans needed.
  • It’s short and poignant—you can read it in an after­noon, it’s only 69 pages.
  • There’s also an audio­book version.
  • It’s only $17, no catches.
  • But it’s a limited offer because I actu­ally lose money promot­ing it.

Click here to claim your copy now. You’ll be glad you did.


This book is not an “oppor­tu­nity”, it does not teach you how to do busi­ness or give any kind of related advice. It is an educa­tional book where I share what has worked in life for me on a spir­i­tual and emotional level, some­one who has been doing this for over a decade. There are no “tactics” or wild claims to success, just concepts that have helped in my own expe­ri­ence. I do not guar­an­tee any results, as you have to put in the work your­self, which may take years or never. It is likely you will not have the same results myself or my clients have had, as every­one’s situ­a­tion is differ­ent. The exam­ples I give are for illus­tra­tive purpose only, and come from my own expe­ri­ence which came at my own risk. By buying this book, you recog­nize the content is for infor­ma­tional purposes only and I make no claims of its effi­cacy, and all action take hereof is at your own risk.